I’m just going to come right out and say it… (takes deep breath and squares shoulders)

I’m okay with panty-flashes!

Kami-sama, that was hard (as things get when panties are involved) but, alas, it is the truth.

I’m okay with panty flashes and harems and boobs that defy the laws of nat- well, no; if there’s one (admittedly sexually exploitative) thing that I cannot tolerate it is breasts that have the potential to grow mouths and eat four year old children. I just can’t stand the way it breaks physics. I mean, with anime, there’s an expected level of childishly beating science over the head with fluffy bat, annoying the old stickler half to death, but sometimes (and these instances are rare) anime just crosses a line.

Monmusu 2
Monster girls from the new anime Monster Musume or Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

Are we… are we just running out of fetishes?

Not only do they do the thing, the one thing, that I cannot stand but this puts furry on a whole new level. Have they invented the new name for this yet? I don’t know, I don’t want to know, I don’t even want to be curious because we’re getting off topic.

What I want to be arguing is an acceptance or tolerance of these (well not especially this ^ this is up for debate). An acceptance of the objectifying panty, a tolerance for the dehumanising harem, a moment of silence for the poor woman who falls down every day because her boobs are too heavy.

Tough as it might be for some I don’t think I’m the only female fan of anime that can actually stand to watch this sort of thing, get a laugh or two out of it, refrain from buying a piece of objectifying merchandise just so I can stab it with a kitchen knife (that has nothing to do with ridiculous gender stereotypes; that it is just the only place to plausibly find a knife). This is because, on some deeper level, we can understand that men are just trying to recreate what we are starting to refuse to give them: an illusion of power.

In areas of gross offence, like not having the right to vote and equal wages; all the worthy battles to be fought under the banner of feminism, I see no reason to oppose or demean the efforts. There are women out in the world who are not as free in choice as I am and that is easily recognisable.

The line we ┬ádon’t want to cross is nitpicking.

Feminism has its time and its place and its fight but anime isn’t the battlefield.


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